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The next revolution in live broadcast... Welcome to the world of iZZ Media STUDIOS.


IZZ Media Group is a full service new media  interactive agency. The Internet has established itself as a critical channel when communicating to potential clients, staff and stakeholders. While the web boasts many benefits over old media, there is one big problem, your competitors are only one click away. With so much noise on the web, is the silence on your website deafening?


IZZ  is more than just great video production; we provide the FIVE core components that create the most powerful and successful web video campaigns. The iZZ difference starts before the cameras even roll; and our unique video players provide the ultimate online video experience, giving viewers interactive controls proven to increase watch times, encourage revisits and generate call-to-action opportunities for great results.


IZZ Media Web 2.0 Marketing Systems specializes in areas, which include Internet promotion and marketing, Internet conversions (converting site visitors to buyers and repeat buyers), digital movie editing, digital movie production and post-production, educational technology, e-business security & back-end integration, distributed relational database management systems, wireless technologies, networking, web development and distributed applications.  


HD Video & Visual FX Production & iZZ Media Green Screen Facilties

An integral part of every rich experience is sight and sound. From concept to delivery, our creative team is well equipped to produce professional Hi-Definition video and audio content for web, television, kiosk and HD-DVD.


Hi-Definition Video Services

We provide professional Hi-Definition video production to facilitate projects such as HD television commercials, corporate training DVD’s and streaming web video. Some of our services include: