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The next revolution in live broadcast... Welcome to the world of iZZ Media STUDIOS.

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ZZ Media Group is a full service interactive agency , consulting firm with Green Screen Production Center that helps organizations enhance identity, connect with customers and increase productivity.We know the challenges you face in managing a successful business. Whether it's developing and executing a strategic business plan, creating an effective marketing & sales, business development strategy, planning for ownership and leadership transition, Capital formation or jump-starting your growth through mergers and acquisitions. IZZ Media Group provides a range of consulting services to entrepreneurs and their investors to help them define, plan and manage their way to success.


Who We Are

IZZ Media Group is composed of talented and enthusiastic creative artists, Business Professionals, application developers and production managers. Each team member has specialized experience in their field and the drive to create the unique and innovative work we are becoming known for.


Core Values

Integrity - You’ll notice our straight-forward, honest approach from the start. Fixed schedule, fixed-price proposals, clear answers and the ability to cut through red tape.


Full Service - A key value is our full service model. Our departments work together seamlessly to efficiently produce every project. Our full service model allows us to leverage core digital assets to a multiple media such as HDDVD, Website, Kiosk, Print and TV in one efficient process. This means one point of contact, a more efficient project schedule and cost savings passed on to your organization.


Cutting Edge – We take pride in developing cutting edge solutions using the latest technologies. We stay ahead of the curve with continuous professional development, participation in the evolution of tools and technologies and by constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to think ahead. Focus - We focus on cutting-edge technology and memorable user experience on each project to better corporate marketing, commerce, education and communication.